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Réaumur to Rankine formula

ºR =
ºRé * 2.2500
+ 491.67
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The Réaumur scale also known as the "octogesimal division", is a temperature scale in which the freezing and boiling points of water are set to 0 and 80 degrees respectively. The scale is named after René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur, who first proposed something similar in 1730.


Réaumur to Rankine formula

ºR =
ºRé * 2.2500
+ 491.67


A ºF version of the Kelvin scale. Based upon the definitions of the Fahrenheit scale and the experimental evidence that absolute zero is -459.67ºF


Réaumur to Rankine table

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Réaumur Rankine
0ºRé 491.67ºR
1ºRé 493.92ºR
2ºRé 496.17ºR
3ºRé 498.42ºR
4ºRé 500.67ºR
5ºRé 502.92ºR
6ºRé 505.17ºR
7ºRé 507.42ºR
8ºRé 509.67ºR
9ºRé 511.92ºR
10ºRé 514.17ºR
11ºRé 516.42ºR
12ºRé 518.67ºR
13ºRé 520.92ºR
14ºRé 523.17ºR
15ºRé 525.42ºR
16ºRé 527.67ºR
17ºRé 529.92ºR
18ºRé 532.17ºR
19ºRé 534.42ºR
Réaumur Rankine
20ºRé 536.67ºR
21ºRé 538.92ºR
22ºRé 541.17ºR
23ºRé 543.42ºR
24ºRé 545.67ºR
25ºRé 547.92ºR
26ºRé 550.17ºR
27ºRé 552.42ºR
28ºRé 554.67ºR
29ºRé 556.92ºR
30ºRé 559.17ºR
31ºRé 561.42ºR
32ºRé 563.67ºR
33ºRé 565.92ºR
34ºRé 568.17ºR
35ºRé 570.42ºR
36ºRé 572.67ºR
37ºRé 574.92ºR
38ºRé 577.17ºR
39ºRé 579.42ºR
Réaumur Rankine
40ºRé 581.67ºR
41ºRé 583.92ºR
42ºRé 586.17ºR
43ºRé 588.42ºR
44ºRé 590.67ºR
45ºRé 592.92ºR
46ºRé 595.17ºR
47ºRé 597.42ºR
48ºRé 599.67ºR
49ºRé 601.92ºR
50ºRé 604.17ºR
51ºRé 606.42ºR
52ºRé 608.67ºR
53ºRé 610.92ºR
54ºRé 613.17ºR
55ºRé 615.42ºR
56ºRé 617.67ºR
57ºRé 619.92ºR
58ºRé 622.17ºR
59ºRé 624.42ºR