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Newton to Kelvin formula

K =
+ 273.15
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The Newton scale was devised by Isaac Newton. He defined the "zeroth degree of heat" as melting snow and "33 degrees of heat" as boiling water. His scale is thus a precursor of the Celsius scale, being defined by the same temperature references. Thus the unit of this scale, the Newton degree, equals 10033 Kelvin conversion or degrees Celsius and has the same zero as the Celsius scale.


Newton to Kelvin formula

K =
+ 273.15


Based upon the definitions of the Centigrade scale and the experimental evidence that absolute zero is -273.15ºC


Newton to Kelvin table

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Newton Kelvin
0ºN 273.15K
1ºN 276.18K
2ºN 279.21K
3ºN 282.24K
4ºN 285.27K
5ºN 288.30K
6ºN 291.33K
7ºN 294.36K
8ºN 297.39K
9ºN 300.42K
10ºN 303.45K
11ºN 306.48K
12ºN 309.51K
13ºN 312.54K
14ºN 315.57K
15ºN 318.60K
16ºN 321.63K
17ºN 324.67K
18ºN 327.70K
19ºN 330.73K
Newton Kelvin
20ºN 333.76K
21ºN 336.79K
22ºN 339.82K
23ºN 342.85K
24ºN 345.88K
25ºN 348.91K
26ºN 351.94K
27ºN 354.97K
28ºN 358.00K
29ºN 361.03K
30ºN 364.06K
31ºN 367.09K
32ºN 370.12K
33ºN 373.15K
34ºN 376.18K
35ºN 379.21K
36ºN 382.24K
37ºN 385.27K
38ºN 388.30K
39ºN 391.33K
Newton Kelvin
40ºN 394.36K
41ºN 397.39K
42ºN 400.42K
43ºN 403.45K
44ºN 406.48K
45ºN 409.51K
46ºN 412.54K
47ºN 415.57K
48ºN 418.60K
49ºN 421.63K
50ºN 424.67K
51ºN 427.70K
52ºN 430.73K
53ºN 433.76K
54ºN 436.79K
55ºN 439.82K
56ºN 442.85K
57ºN 445.88K
58ºN 448.91K
59ºN 451.94K